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  • Who/what is 1820 Oracle?

1820 Oracle is the name of a wholesale mineral show in Tucson, AZ.

The show is open from late January-mid February every year. The 1820 Oracle

complex consists of a large parking lot, two warehouses with showrooms,

and thirteen “gem suites” housing a total of nine¬†individual dealers.

The complex is owned by Howard I. Schlansker and promoted and

administered locally by Top-Gem Minerals.


  • Is there any space available for rent?

Currently there is no vancany for show space, but please check with Top-Gem Minerals

if you are interested in more information.


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  • Where are you located?

Our parking lot is located at 1820 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705 (not a mailing address)

The warehouses and “gem suites” are adjacent, within the same block. You will also find

plentiful street parking nearby.


  • Who are your dealers?

We currently have eleven individual mineral-oriented dealers showing at our location. Please see

the Dealer page for a complete listing and locations.

You can also view individual dealer information and contact options from that page.


  • When are you open?

1820 Oracle Wholesale Show opens in late-January and runs through mid-February. For 2017,

the dates are January 25th through February 12th. Top-Gem maintains a showroom at the site

that is open year-round (see Top-Gem’s website)


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  • Will you sell retail to me? Are you open to the public?

No. We are strictly wholesale only.

We choose not to compete with our customers (retail stores), so

please visit your local retail store or gem show.


  • What does wholesale mean?

Wholesaling is the selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed

or resold by others. It does not include personal purchases not

intended for resale.


  • What do I need in order to buy at the show?

You need a current and correct state-issued resale license and must

fill out an appropriate resale certificate based on the location of

purchase. Since we are selling wholesale, we do not collect tax from

you and this form provides for that exemption from state sales tax. A

Federal EIN number pertains to employment taxes and is meaningless in

this regard.


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  • Need more information?

For more information please contact individual dealers directly, or contact

Top-Gem Minerals, the show promoter.


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